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When people experience severe life stressors or trauma, it often feels like their life is beginning to unravel. Our passion is to provide an inclusive environment where we will support these individuals to find their strength, improve relationships, and develop an awareness of themselves as complete and whole. 

Our specializations will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal, academic and professional goals. We also offer career counselling.


We can support you with strategies to achieve success at work or school, tackle procrastination, social or general anxiety, or depression that is getting in the way of achieving. 


Everyone has the potential to thrive. What stops us can be overcome.  


The first step is deciding that you want to make a change.

Walk and Talk

Mindfulness-based walk and talk therapy provides a unique opportunity to practice being in the moment while working through concerns. There are many therapeutic advantages to this type of therapy.

First, the rhythmic nature of walking provides a soothing, predictable, and comforting context from which to move into deeper work.

Second, the motor cortex becomes activated with the movement of your legs and arms – this stimulation provides a communication between your brain hemispheres, which acts on a neurological level to assist in the processing of trauma. 

Third, anxiety and stress activate the sympathetic nervous system – your fight and flight response.  Walking and movement help to decrease the sympathetic nervous system response, essentially decreasing stress on a physical level.

Parent / Family

When there is disruption within the family, whether it be due to illness, loss, transition, divorce, or life stages, the dynamic of the family can change. This sometimes causes stress that interrupts the ebb and flow of normal development to the extent that outside interventions should be called on to return the family unit to harmony again. The outcome can actually be a more positive and healthy path of strength and unity, with everyone ready to face the next challenge that life has to bring.

**Please note: Due to the complexity that is involved in custody situations, it is our practice to refer individuals facing challenges associated with custody matters to therapists with expertise in this area.  Therefore, in the best interest of those we serve, Shayna Das Counselling will not offer services to clients where potential custody disputes may arise.

Holding Hands

Relationships require ongoing effort, communication and compromise. Stressors are inevitable, and may threaten the stability of a relationship. Most relationship problems are manageable if challenges are addressed, poor habits are identified, and the source of the conflict is confronted. I can help you to develop an awareness and understanding of each other's needs, better communication skills, enhanced intimacy, and a way to navigate the rough roads in your lives.


Métis Nation of Saskatchewan
NIHB support

We are providers for Métis Nation of Saskatchewan (MNS) and Non-insured Health Benefits for First Nations and Inuit (NIHB) and are available to offer mental health support to those in need.

Please contact either MNS (1-855-671-5638) or

NIHB (1-866-885-3933) to ensure your coverage.

School Kids Meditating
Childrens groups

Children's Group:

All Stars Group
ages 8-12

April 19 - June 7, 2023
Wednesdays @4-5pm
8 week / 8-hour course $350 

SPRING 2023 GROUP: includes Art Therapy and aspects from Kintsugi - the japanese art of making beauty and meaning from broken pieces...

includes Art Therapy and aspects from Kintsugi - the japanese art of making beauty and meaning from broken pieces...

Paint Brush_edited.png

This small group course will guide children with strategies to explore their thoughts and behaviours related to stressful experiences. These sessions will also guide the children towards emotional intelligence and provide skills to improve resilience and coping with life's challenges. A combination of Art Therapy, CBT, DBT, EMDR, and mindfulness strategies will be used to guide your child to a feeling of control and comfort. Included in the fees is one, 25 minute Meet and Greet (new members only), one, 25 minute parent session where I will guide you with your struggles at home so you can learn the strategies to help your child to be more comfortable with challenge, discomfort and uncertainty. Also included is  one discounted family session ($30 off), a pack of handouts/supplies, and regular updates by email. You will also have access to Shayna Das Counselling's booking schedule after the group has finished as a returning client for regular individual and/or family sessions. This group is run by Shayna Das who is a Registered Counsellor, certified in EMDR and trauma-informed therapy, and has worked with children, teens and adults in mental health and education settings for over 20 years. 

Sample of activities planned for Spring 2023 Group:

Mosaic wall/window art

Flower planting - to illustrate watering/growing strengths

Kintsugi -

Journalling (journal provided)

What is EMDR - For Kids?

Session location will be at City Centre Family Physicians.

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